Video testimonials are THE #1 way to support our small, women-owned business and help us spread natural relief - because they help us create a personal connection with others who are suffering and often skeptical.

Love De Lune? Want to take a minute to majorly help us out? Here's how!

  1. Find some natural light and grab the product that you've tried. Try to make sure there is minimal background noise around you.

  2. Record a 30-60 second video showing yourself and the product, and talking about your experience trying De Lune.

  3. Share your raw emotions! The more authentic, personal, and conversational, the better. How did you feel before, during, and after trying De Lune?

  4. Share the specific physical and mental benefits you felt, just DON'T use the words "treat" or "cure" or focus on diseases like endometriosis. (As a supplements brand, we legally can't use that language in our ads.)

  5. When finished, email your video, or a link to it, to [email protected].

  6. Please be advised that we may use it on our website or in our marketing. And if we do, we'll send you a thank you product! THANK YOU! 🥰

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